Women's online shopping Apple phone cheated 8400 yuan back icon is pear

Miss Zhao saw a network number to sell cheap Apple phone
Recently, Wuxi, a Miss Zhao online shopping iPhone6S, the results made her tears. Miss Zhao saw a network number to sell cheap Apple phone, add each other as a friend, agreed to 3400 yuan to buy an Apple 6S. But after the transfer payments, the accident happened. Miss Zhao and the exchange of 5,000 yuan, so a few days finally received the courier, but opened a look, the phone can not be used, the back of the pear is what the ghost? Miss Zhao asked for a refund, found that the other has their own network number black. It is understood that since January the city 110 received online shopping Apple mobile phone fraud 23, cheated the total amount of 8 million yuan. Police reminded the public to shop online to more inquiries, more understanding, pay attention to identify the authenticity. Shopping, payment to choose a regular website, do not seek cheap and trust the unfamiliar network number and website price information released. All in the receipt before a variety of reasons for you to transfer remittances, are fraud! (Editor: Cao Lujie)

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