Li Yining: State-owned enterprise reform is the urgent task of supply side structural reform

If you do not deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 10 (Xinhua Yu Jiaxin, Hou Lijun) Li Yining members 10 at the second session of the CPPCC National Committee at the second plenary session of the General Assembly to speak, said the economic operation into the new normal situation , The supply side of the force is becoming the focus of the current national attention. The main content of the supply side is the structural reform, and the structural reform of the top priority is the implementation of state-owned enterprise reform. Li Yining said that structural adjustment must be closely integrated with the structural reform, the main task of structural adjustment is the rationalization of resource allocation, and efficient. If we do not deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, we can not fully tap the potential of state-owned capital, and can not make state-owned enterprises become the real market players from the aspects of new technologies, new industries, new inventions and new efficiencies, and it is difficult to make achievements. For how to effectively promote the reform of state-owned enterprises, Li Yining suggested that: state-owned assets management and state-owned enterprise management should be divided into two levels of reform. One level is: state-owned assets management department, although the state-owned capital value-added and state-owned capital allocation and re-allocation and efficiency changes. Another level is: state-owned enterprises are differentiated by industry. He suggested that the implementation of the restructuring of state-owned enterprises for the mixed ownership of enterprises, you can implement a clear incentive system for talent, so that senior management, technical inventions or marketing talent to make outstanding contributions to be inspired. At the same time, the implementation of the incentive system must be open. He also suggested that, according to business conditions, the implementation of employee stock ownership system. To provide strict employee stock ownership procedures, and can not take "everyone holding" "free gift" and other non-standard practice. Workers to buy corporate shares, there must be strict restrictions. In addition, we should gradually implement the professional manager system, better adapt to the market economy under the enterprise operation.

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