Hubei a farmer to take care of paralyzed mother and brother 16 years has been unmarried

Take care of paralyzed mother and brother for 16 years
(Wang Xiao Ma Furong) "I am the boss, the burden of others can be lost, I can not be lost." I am the boss, the burden of others can be lost, I can not throw the other side of the world. As long as the family together, what (difficult) can be overcome. "4, to take care of paralyzed mother and brother 16 years, has been unmarried Tang world interview said. Tang world 55 years old, Hubei Xiangyang Nanzhang County inspection town not two Ping village villagers. He has a family of five, in addition to parents, there are two brothers. When young and poor, Tang world early drop out of school, working outside for two younger brothers to study, life events so delayed. In 2000, the Tang world mother in the field on the road accidentally fell, although the preservation of life but from the body paralyzed. Father old, two brothers working outside, as the boss of the Tang world, to take to the mother wash your face, rub back, bath, feeding and other daily care work. May 2001, the big brother Tang Shishun in Shanxi Linfen iron mine, the car accident caused by lower limb paralysis, the wedding soon away from his wife away from him. In 2005, the little brother working in Shanghai was stimulated and mentally ill. Can not withstand the fight, his father a serious illness, after the illness can not do heavy work. Take care of a family diet, cultivate 10 acres of mountain forest, the world every day like a gyro turn. February 5 this year, paralyzed 16 years of mother died. "Peace of mind go, I will take care of this home." Tang world commitment in the mother grave. "These years thanks to the care of his brother." Big Brother Tang Shishun said that he recently in the self-woven weaving skills, want to learn to help his brother to reduce the burden. Not two Ping village secretary Wu Guomin said that the Tang world is simple and honest, adhere to take care of mothers and younger brother 16 years, it is not easy, the village to give them a family to do subsistence allowances This year, accurate poverty alleviation, the village has been determined to the world of interest-free loans 8 to 10 million yuan to support his family to develop farming, early poverty.

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