17-year-old boy pick up the phone does not also ask the owner for the account password

But also under the guise of Zhao name mobile phone QQ number
(Reporter Hou Jian intern Meng Xingchen correspondent Ren Gaoqing) juvenile picked up the phone after the want to have their own, not only send text messages to the owner for the phone account password, but also under the guise of the name of the owner, the owner of the phone in the QQ To ask his friends for money. Owners: call to return the other party to the account password April 19, Wang Yi District, Zhao people on the way home, accidentally lost an Apple phone. After home, Zhao found the phone is lost, immediately by using other mobile phones to send their own mobile phone text messages, call the other side to return, did not think the other side not only ignored, even in turn asked the phone iCloud account password, Change your password to your own. At the same time, but also under the guise of Zhao name mobile phone QQ number, to Zhao's friends for money. According to Tongchuan City Public Security Bureau Wang Yi Branch seven road police station police Gao Qing introduction, April 19 afternoon, they received the alarm of the owner Zhao, said the Apple mobile phone was lost after being picked up, the other not only do not return but under the guise of its name , In its QQ to borrow money from their friends. Then the police through the multi-party investigation to determine the name of the mobile phone, address and other information. "Unexpectedly, the picker turned out to be a 17-year-old boy." "The boy Lumou was summoned to the police station, the beginning refused to admit their pick up the phone's behavior, and other police out of the relevant evidence, the final account of their own mobile phone, And trying to borrow money from QQ to others the fact. "According to the police as Gao Qing introduction, on behalf of the loss of the name of money for the act, Lumou did not realize that has violated the law, but claimed that" no malicious request, just want to borrow 100 yuan Money. "Juvenile parents: I saw the children get a cell phone but I do not know is picked up" Really sorry, we just see the child took a cell phone, do not know he picked up, do not know he took the phone to borrow money "Lu Mou mother said, the children go to school, and did not bring the phone, she found that, and the phone to the unit after work to pay the police station. Zhao said the owner, the phone back on the line, I hope the parents in the future more communication with the children. "After returning home, I hope Lumou's parents do not blame the child too much, not afraid to do something wrong, as long as the correct correction on the line." At present, the police take into account the Lvou age is still small, the owner Zhao is not held accountable. At the same time Lu Mou also expressed regret to Zhao, the police subsequently criticized the education.

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