High-speed lift a sun visor Audi rear-end Mercedes-Benz Porsche

While the Mercedes-Benz car and the top of the Porsche to the front of the car
Jinjiang News (correspondent Yang Xichao reporter Wang Sha) September 1 at 3:20 pm, Ningbo high-speed traffic police brigade received a warning in the G15 Shenhai high-speed Hangzhou Bay Bridge to Fujian 1383 km direction 200 meters (north channel uphill) There are three cars rear-end. High-speed traffic police arrived at the scene found that a suspension of the Ningbo license Porsche Panama pull in the emergency lane, the left rear of the damaged, a Wenzhou temporary license plate Mercedes-Benz S400L and a suspension of the Ningbo license Audi Q5 stop The third lane, Mercedes-Benz car head slightly damaged damaged the front, Audi car head damage serious, the car is also full of airbags. Audi driver name should be, this year 43 years old, has 11 years of driving experience. Should the master from Shanghai to Ningbo Fenghua, when driving due to the sun dazzling, should master all the way down the sun visor. When the open road to the accident, the master should feel the sun is not so dazzling, and ready to lift up the sun visor. This subtle action so that the master points to God, did not notice the speed of the Mercedes-Benz slow down directly hit the up, and the Mercedes-Benz car and the top of the Porsche to the front of the car. Mercedes-Benz car driver is the master of Wenzhou Yueqing, Mercedes-Benz car just bought a few days, the vehicle was knocked into this, "too lucky." Master Li said helplessly. Porsche driver said the master, the incident, the front is uphill construction sections, only in the third lane pass. When the master to see the front of the vehicle in the queue when the speed slow down, he just slowed down slowly did not take long, from the rearview mirror to see the Mercedes-Benz car was suddenly a bit, then Mercedes-Benz car hit his own Porsche. At present, the accident liability for the Audi driver should take full responsibility for the master. "Some drivers driving the car like to call, play the phone, adjust the radio, set the GPS satellite navigation; turn with the next or rear passengers to speak; eat, drink water, twist the cup, etc." high-speed traffic police said, "these ' Resulting in the probability of an accident greatly increased. "High-speed traffic police to remind the driver in the process of driving on the highway, be sure to focus, careful driving, do not affect the safe driving" little tricks. "

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