Japanese cars due to "high field airbags" home to recall the top position

A total of 186 times were recalled by the AQOs' defect investigation
According to the Yangtze River in 2015, China recalled cars 554.85 million, a record high newspaper reporter Xiong Zixi "This year the number of car recall the highest calendar year." December 21, AQSIQ held a press conference to inform the 2015 defect product recall working condition. Zheng Fengmin, director of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, said the recall of 1.5485 million vehicles involved in defective vehicles in 2015, the proportion of recall increased by 29% over the same period, the number of recall increased 17% over the same period, the highest in history. Among them, the auto business by the AQSIQ defect investigation, a total of 81 recall activities, an increase of 170% over the same period last year; involving 3.5223 million defective vehicles, representing an increase of 18% over the same period last year, accounting for 64% of the total number of recall. Yan Fengmin introduction, since October 2004 defect vehicle product recall system since the implementation of China has implemented a car recall 1077 times, a total of 25.3385 million recalled. Among them, by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, the impact of the recall of a total of 186 times, involving the number of 11.110 million, accounting for 44% of the total recall. 11 years, from the recall of the car assembly involved, the engine assembly recall the most, a total of 268 times recall, involving the number of 8,079,900; followed by airbags and seat belts, a total of 134 times, involving a number of 441.08 million. The largest size of the high-day airbag Japanese cars recalled more than 2.53 million in this year a total of 5.5485 million recalled the total car, the Japanese car due to high airbag safety problems caused by the recall of more than 2.53 million, so that the number of Japanese car car recall the highest number. Previously, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA pointed out that the reason for the high-day airbag recall is that some of the vehicles carrying high-air balloon seat passenger seat airbag deployment may occur when the gas generator shell damage, shell fragments fly out, etc. Injury in the car passengers, there are security risks. According to media reports, since 2008, Takada explosion airbag in the world has killed more than 100 people were injured more than 100 people, eventually led to Japan, the United States, Germany and other countries use high-field airbag car recall a total of more than 40 million. As the largest customer in the world, the Honda Motor is the most affected. This year, including Guangzhou Automobile Honda and Dongfeng Honda, the same because the gas generator shell damage, shell debris and other security risks, in China, including recall, including Fit, Sidi, Feng Fan, Siwei, including more than 133 million cars. It can be seen, the high airbag problem to the Japanese car brought about by the negative impact of the gradual spread in the Chinese market. Affected by the impact of airbag safety problems caused by the surge in the total number of recalled, AQSIQ statistics, due to airbags and seat belt assembly problems, over the years a total of 134 times, involving the number of 4.1480 million, 11 years in the total number of defective cars recalled Ranked second. Affecting the most extensive Teng off shaft door defects in the history of the history of the most heated up more than a year FAW Volkswagen Sagitar "broken axis door" event finally finished this year. At the beginning of 2014, the sales volume of the FAW-Volkswagen new Sutton models, due to the rear axle fracture problem was frequently exposed media, many owners denounced. In August 2014, AQSIQ officially launched a defect investigation on the matter. Two months later, Volkswagen and FAW Volkswagen to the State Administration of Quality Supervision, a recall. Announced that since February 2, 2015, FAW-Volkswagen and Volkswagen China in China recalled May 2008 to May 2014 production of the new Suteng Motor and April 24, 2012 to July 17, 2013 production of the Beatles car , Involving vehicles were 563,605 and 17485 vehicles. At that time, the public side of the investigation on the back of the arm is installed on the rear axle metal liner. This way is the folk dubbed the "patch", causing the owners more and more intense emotions, the Yangtze River Daily also reported several times, the public side of the installation of metal liner solution, and can not fundamentally solve the new Sutton off the shaft Problem, can not fully guarantee the owner of the driving safety. September 11 this year, the State Administration of Quality Supervision issued a report on the FAW-Volkswagen's new Sagitar "broken axis door" authoritative investigation, found that "assembly coupled lever rear axle of the new Sagitar car longitudinal arm fracture caused by security risks, constitute a defect" , At the same time, the State Administration of Quality Supervision also said that the public side of the "patch" solution although to ensure that Sagitar vehicles can still drive a certain mileage after breaking the axis, but there is also a broken shaft failed to find the metal liner and fracture Of the vehicle out of control risk. For the new Suteng car recall event, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Supervision Secretary Yan Fengmin said that the defect investigation is the General Administration of Quality Supervision, "so far put human and material resources of the most defect investigation work" in the Chinese Academy of Sciences for the team leader of the team of experts Under the leadership of a total of 4468 cases of effective complaint information, review the owner of more than 30,000, collected 457 cases of fault analysis, carried out 143 defect engineering analysis test, the formation of defect findings and published to the public. Subsequently, the public side of the timely response, immediately introduced, including 10 years without accident can be trailer, presented three maintenance and open rear suspension testing technical support and other commitments. AQSIQ even as an opportunity to announce the new car recall management approach, and will be January 1, 2016 from the formal implementation, to further clarify and strengthen the responsibility of the main responsibility for the recall of producers, an increase of auto parts production And the local quality inspection departments involved in the recall of the management of the contents of the refinement, increased to the community release risk warning information content, enrich the defective product survey work means. The number of the most Mercedes-Benz recall 12 times accounted for Bacheng 2014, China's auto market has been the case of cold precursors, the overall growth rate back to single digits, high-end car market was cold. However, the luxury brand Mercedes-Benz has not slowed down the list of the list. According to data released by the company in January this year, in 2010, Dell's luxury brand Mercedes-Benz global sales grew 12.9% to 1.65 million. Mercedes-Benz growth in the Chinese market is more rapid, sales in 2014 rose 29% to 282,000 new high. And sales growth simultaneously, as well as the number of Mercedes-Benz recall in China. In 2015, in the State Administration of Quality Supervision, a total of 226 recalls, Mercedes-Benz cars in the recall number is the largest among all car prices, the number of recall this year, a total of 12 times. Among them, the Mercedes-Benz E-class car was repeatedly recalled for the same problem 2 times, there is the engine compartment seal may be due to contact with the high temperature parts of the engine and cause the vehicle to fire the security risks. According to the Mercedes-Benz recall notice, Mercedes-Benz E-class car due to the same problem on February 16 and July 24 this year, repeated recall 2 times, there is the engine compartment seal may be due to contact with the engine caused by high temperature parts Vehicle fire safety problems, two recall involving 127038 Mercedes-Benz E-class car. In addition, as early as March 9 this year, Mercedes-Benz (China) recalled imports of G-class car by the media wantonly reported, not only because the total value of the recall vehicle more than 1.1 billion, more striking is this Is a time because the manufacturer refused to recall claims, and then by the General Administration of Quality Supervision ordered the mandatory recall of the typical case. It is noteworthy that the Yangtze River Commercial Daily reporter found that Mercedes-Benz (China) and Beijing Benz in the whole year this year, in addition to the November 2 that did not call the number of recall, the rest of the year recalled 173632 Car among the domestic Mercedes-Benz recall the proportion of even accounted for Bacheng. An unnamed industry analyst said the joint venture in the domestic quality control and control of foreign headquarters is a gap, to Mercedes-Benz, for example, its domestic parts procurement is not entirely the German people say In view of the pressure to reduce costs, there are many parts of the domestic procurement-led, the actual situation is relatively low prices of domestic parts is indeed the quality to be improved, so there are some large and small quality problems is not surprising. "Including the public's broken shaft door, there have been serious security risks and reported after the manufacturers can press the recall does not recall, ignore, in China is already a feature. In foreign countries, this is absolutely not allowed, this Is a matter of business waste. "The people said.

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