Sichuan Province, Jiazhou prison in violation of prison police police officers immediately suspended

The police involved in the province of Sichuan Province Jiazhou prison police
(Reporter Anyuan) 11 reporters from the Sichuan Province, Jiazhou prison official WeChat was informed that the Sichuan Province, Chizhou prison on the Chengdu Daily reported that the police in the police on the way to work on police on the way illegal parking And respond to language conflict with traffic police. Response to that: Chengdu business newspaper you reported to the client contained in the article entitled "Leshan a police officer to stop the guards off the police inadvertently despised by the public ... ..." a text, I have been learned, now as follows: First, the contents of your report is basically true; Second, the prison party committee attaches great importance to the matter, the police have been suspended on the day, the prison discipline inspection departments have set up a special working group to investigate, according to the facts according to the disciplinary provisions of serious; third is firmly support the traffic police law enforcement; Quit, in the police in the police to carry out the standard police eight hours outside the line of special rectification activities; five is to welcome everyone to monitor the police police police discipline, to maintain a good image of the police. It is understood that the Chengdu Business Daily reported that the client said: November 10, a section of Leshan police to stop the police in violation of the video on the Internet crazy pass, in the video, the police are full of contempt for the words of the police station. By the Chengdu business newspaper client reporter multi-party confirmation, involving the police in Sichuan Province, Jiazhou prison police. The video shows that a traffic police please a policeman dressed in police uniforms to drive away, here can not stop. The police said, he would like to change clothes, fast what soon Well In the subsequent dialogue, the police said: "When I was soldier when you wear fork pants, you have not born" "You are not a police officer, my siren check, you can not find" Eight thousand (wages), you take two or three thousand. " The whole video lasted about five minutes, and finally in the passers-by persuasion, the police drove away. According to a number of nearby businesses confirmed that the video content is true, the incident time is November 10 at 13 pm, the incident site is located in Leshan City Minjiang two bridgehead. There is a clear ban on the logo, then wear the police service driver attitude is really very friendly, aggressive. By the Chengdu Commercial Daily reporter confirmed the multi-party, the police involved in Sichuan Province, Jiazhou prison police. 11 morning, the prison staff said the matter is under investigation, the current prison is not interviewed. The police station where Leshan City traffic police directly under a brigade Guan Mu squadron relevant person in charge said that this matter is not easy to accept the interview. It is reported that after the incident, the Sichuan Provincial Prison Administration and Sichuan Province Jiazhou prison attaches great importance to the immediate suspension of the police involved, immediately set up a working group to investigate the relevant circumstances, Sichuan Province, Jiazhou prison relevant person in charge, according to the facts Discipline provides a serious deal with the police involved, and resolutely support the traffic police law enforcement, maintenance of justice.

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